1. RA 9165 (Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002) – “An Act Instituting The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act Of 2002, Repealing Republic Act No. 6425, Otherwise Known As The Dangerous Drugs Act Of 1972, As Amended, Providing Funds Therefor, And For Other Purposes”
  2. RA 9189 – (Absentee Voting And Registration Act Of 2002) – “An Act Providing For A System Of Overseas Absentee Voting By Qualified Citizens Of The Philippines Abroad, Appropriating Funds Therefor”
  3. RA 9208 – (Anti-Trafficking In Persons Act Of 2002) – “An Act To Institute Policies To Eliminate Trafficking In Persons Especially Women And Children, Establishing The Necessary Institutional Mechanisms For The Protection And Support Of Trafficked Persons, Providing Penalties For Its Violations And For Other Purposes”
  4. RA 9241 (Amending RA 7875, National Health Insurance Program) – “An Act Amending Republic Act No. 7875, Otherwise Known As An Act Instituting A National Health Insurance Program For All Filipinos And Establishing The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation For Other Purposes”
  5. RA 9256 – “An Act Declaring August 21 Of Every Year As Ninoy Aquino Day, A Special Non-Working Holiday And For Other Purposes”
  6. RA 9262 (Anti-Abuse Of Women In Intimate Relationships (ANTI-AWIR) Act) – “An Act Defining Violence Against Women And Their Children, Providing For The Protective Measures For Victims, Prescribing Penalties Therefore, And For Other Purposes”
  7. RA 9279 – “An Act Granting Additional Compensation In The Form Of Special Allowances For The Members Of The National Prosecution Service And The State Counsels In The Department Of Justice, And For Other Purposes”
  8. RA 9287 – “An Act Increasing The Penalties For Illegal Numbers Games, Amending Certain Provisions Of Presidential Decree No. 1602, And For Other Purposes”
  9. RA 9295 (Domestic Shipping Development Act Of 2002) – “An Act Promoting The Development Of The Philippine Domestic Shipping, Shipbuilding, Ship Repair And Ship Breaking, Ordaining Reforms In Government Policies Toward Shipping The Philippines, And For Other Purposes”
  10. RA 9335 (Providing For Optimum Performance In Revenue Collection Through The Grant Of Special Incentives And Rewards And Lateral Attrition) – “An Act To Improve The Revenue Collection Performance Of The Bureau Of Internal Revenue (BIR) And The Bureau Of Customs (BOC) Through The Creation Of A Rewards And Incentives Fund And Of A Revenue Performance Evaluation Board And For Other Purposes”
  11. RA 9344 (Child Protection Through A Comprehensive Juvenile Justice System Act Of 2005) – “An Act Establishing A Comprehensive Juvenile Justice And Welfare System, Creating The Juvenile Justice And Welfare Council Under The Department Of Justice, Appropriating Funds Therefore And For Other Purposes”
  12. RA 9369 – “An Act Amending RA 8436, Entitled ‘An Act Authorizing The Commission On Elections To Use An Automated Election System In May 11, 1998 National Or Local Elections And In Subsequent National And Local Electoral Exercises, To Encourage Transparency, Credibility, Fairness And Accuracy Of Elections, Amending For The Purpose Batas Pambansa Blg. 881, As Amended, RA No. 7166 And Other Related Elections Laws, Providing Funds Therefor And For Other Purposes”
  13. RA 9397 (No-Bidding Sale Of Government-Owned Properties To Its Occupants For Socialized Housing) – “An Act Amending Section 12 Of Republic Act No. 7279, Otherwise Known As The Urban Development And Housing Act Of 1992 And For Other Purposes”
  14. RA 9433 (Magna Carta For Public Social Worker) – “An Act Providing For A Magna Carta For Public Social Worker”
  15. RA 9470 (National Archives Of The Philippines Act Of 2006) – “An Act To Strengthen The System Of Management And Administration Of Archival Records, Establishing For The Purpose The National Archives Of The Philippines, And For Other Purposes”
  16. RA 9497 – “An Act Creating The Civil Aviation Authority Of The Philippines, Authorizing The Appropriation Of Funds Therefore, And For Other Purposes”
  17. RA 9500 – “An Act To Strengthen The University Of The Philippines As A Premier State University”
  18. RA 9501 – “An Act To Promote Entrepreneurship By Strengthening Development And Assistance Programs To Micro, Small And Medium Scale Enterprises, Amending For The Purpose Of Republic Act No. 6977, As Amended, Otherwise Known As The “Magna Carta For Small Enterprises” And For Other Purposes”
  19. RA 9502 (Cheaper Medicines Act) – “An Act Providing For Cheaper And Quality Medicines, Amending For The Purpose Republic Act No. 8293 Or The Intellectual Property Code, Republic Act No. 6675 Or The Generics Act Of 1988, And Republic Act No. 5921 Or The Pharmacy Law, And For Other Purposes”
  20. RA 9513 – “An Act Promoting The Development, Utilization And Commercialization Of Renewable Energy Measures And For Other Purposes”
  21. RA 9516 (Strict Regulation And Stiffer Penalties For The Illegal/Unlawful Importation, Manufacture, Acquisition, Sale, Disposition Or Possession Of Explosives) – “An Act Further Amending The Provisions Of Presidential Decree No. 1866, As Amended, Entitled “Codifying The Laws On Illegal/Unlawful Possession, Manufacture, Dealing In, Acquisition Or Disposition Of Firearms, Ammunition Or Explosives Or Instruments Used In The Manufacture Of Firearms, Ammunition Or Explosives And Imposing Stiffer Penalties For Certain Violations Thereof, And For Relevant Purposes”
  22. RA 9592 – An Act Extending For Five (5) Years The Reglementary Period For Complying With The Minimum Educational Qualification And Appropriate Eligibility In The Appointment To The Bureau Of Fire Protection (BFP) And The Bureau Of Jail Management And Penology (BJMP), Amending For The Purpose Certain Provisions Of Republic Act No. 9263, Otherwise Known As The “Bureau Of Fire Protection And Bureau Of Jail Management And Penology Professionalization Act Of 2004” And For Other Purposes”
  23. RA 9700 – “An Act Strengthening The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), Extending The Acquisition And Distribution Of All Agricultural Lands, Instituting Necessary Reforms, Amending For The Purpose Certain Provisions Of Republic Act No. 6657, Otherwise Known As The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law Of 1988, As Amended, And Appropriating Funds Therefor”
  24. RA 9775 – “An Act Defining and Penalizing the Crime of Child Pornography, Prescribing Penalties Therefor and For Other Purposes”
  25. RA 10923 – “An Act Postponing The October 2016 Barangay And Sangguniang Kabataan Elections, Amending For The Purpose Republic Act No. 9164, As Amended By Republic Act No. 9340 And Republic Act No. 10656 Prescribing Additional Rules Governing The Conduct Of Barangay And Sangguniang Kabataan Elections And For Other Purposes”
  26. RA 10924 (2017 General Appropriations Act) – “An Act Appropriating Funds For The Operation Of The Government Of The Republic Of The Philippines From January One To December Thirty-One, Two Thousand And Seventeen, And For Other Purposes”
  27. RA 10928 – “An Act Extending The Validity Of Philippine Passports, Amending For The Purpose Section 10 Of Republic Act No. 8239, Otherwise Known As The “Philippine Passport Act Of 1996", And For Other Purposes”
  28. RA 10964 (2018 General Appropriations Act) – “An Act Appropriating Funds For The Operation Of The Government Of The Republic Of The Philippines From January One To December Thirty-One, Two Thousand And Eighteen, And For Other Purposes”
  29. RA 11014 – “An Act Declaring January 23 Of Every Year A Special Working Holiday In The Entire Country To Commemorate The Declaration Of The First Philippine Republic”
  30. RA 11032 (Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018) – “An Act Promoting Ease Of Doing Business And Efficient Delivery Of Government Services, Amending For The Purpose Republic Act No. 9485, Otherwise Known As The Anti-Red Tape Act Of 2007, And For Other Purposes”
  31. RA 11038 (Expanded NIPAS Act of 2018) – “An Act Declaring Protected Areas And Providing For Their Management, Amending For This Purpose Republic Act No. 7586, Otherwise Known As The “National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act Of 1992”, And For Other Purposes”
  32. RA 11053 (Anti-Hazing Act of 2018) – “An Act Prohibiting Hazing And Regulating Other Forms Of Initiation Rites Of Fraternities, Sororities, And Other Organizations, And Providing Penalties For Violations Thereof, Amending For The Purpose Republic Act No. 8049, Entitled “An Act Regulating Hazing And Other Forms Of Initiation Rites In Fraternities, Sororities, And Organizations And Providing Penalties Therefor”
  33. RA 11062 – “An Act Converting The Land Transportation Office (LTO) Extension Office Located In Muntinlupa City Into A Regular LTO District Office, Appropriating Funds Therefor And For Other Purposes” ***
  34. RA 11164 – “An Act Increasing The Monthly Pension Of Senior Veterans Thereby Amending RA 6948, As Amended”
  35. RA 11082 – “An Act Upgrading The Southern Isabela General Hospital In Santiago City, Province Of Isabela Into A Tertiary General Hospital To Be Known As The Southern Isabela Medical Center And Appropriating Funds Therefor”
  36. RA 11102 – “An Act Establishing The SOCCSKSARGEN General Hospital In The Municipality Of Surallah, Province Of South Cotabato, And Appropriating Funds Therefor”
  37. RA 11103 – “An Act Upgrading The Amai Pakpak Medical Center In Marawi City, Province Of Lanao Del Sur And Appropriating Funds Therefor”
  38. RA 11108 – “An Act Expanding The Mandate And Service Capability Of The Bicol Sanitarium In The Municipality Of Cabusao, Province Of Camarines Sur, To Be Known As The Bicol Region General Hospital And Geriatric Medical Center, Upgrading Its Service Facilities, Authorizing The Increase Of Its Medical Personnel And Appropriating Funds Therefor”
  39. RA 11164 – “An Act Increasing The Monthly Old-Age Pension Of Senior Veterans”
  40. RA 11166 (Philippine HIV and Aids Policy Act) – “An Act Strengthening The Philippine Comprehensive Policy On Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) And Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Prevention, Treatment, Care, And Support, And Reconstituting The Philippine National Aids Council (PNAC), Repealing For The Purpose Republic Act No. 8504, Otherwise Known As The “Philippine Aids Prevention And Control Act Of 1998”, And Appropriating Funds Therefor”
  41. RA 11188 (Special; Protection of Children in Situations of Armed Conflict Act) – “An Act Providing Fort The Special Protection Of Children In Situations Of Armed Conflict And Providing Penalties For Violations Thereof”
  42. RA 11200 – “An Act Providing For The Rank Classification In The Philippine National Police Amending For The Purpose Section 28 Of Republic Act No. 6975, As Amended, Otherwise Known As The Department Of The Interior And Local Government Act Of 1990”
  43. RA 11202 (Mobile Number Portability Act) – “An Act Requiring Mobile Service Providers To Provide Nationwide Mobile Number Portability To Subscribers”
  44. RA 11207 – “An Act Providing For Reasonable Rates For Political Advertisements, Amending For This Purpose Section 11 Of Republic Act No. 9006, Otherwise Known As The “Fair Election Act”
  45. RA 11223 (Universal Health Care Act) – “An Act Instituting Universal Health Care For All Filipinos, Prescribing Reforms In The Health Care System, And Appropriating Funds Therefor”
  46. Joint Resolution No. 1 – “Joint Resolution Authorizing The Increase In Base Pay Of Military And Uniformed Personnel In The Government, And For Other Purposes”
  47. Joint Resolution No. 02 – “Joint Resolution Authorizing The National Housing Authority To Award To Other Qualified Beneficiaries The Unawarded Housing Units, Awarded Housing Units That Are Not Yet Occupied And Whose Ownership And Possession Are Surrendered By Their Respective Awardees, And Housing Units Whose Respective Awards Were Cancelled In The Armed Forces Of The Philippines (AFP)/Philippine National Police (PNP)/Bureau Of Fire Protection (BFP)/Bureau Of Jail Management And Penology (BJMP)/Bureau Of Corrections (BuCor) Housing Projects”