BRP Conrado Yap, PHL Navy's 'most powerful ship,' now in Manila

Statement on the Arrival of the BRP Conrado Yap (PS-39), the latest Addition to the Philippine Navy’s Fleet

Hon. Ruffy Biazon
District of Muntinlupa City
Vice-Chairman, Committee on National Defense and Security

I congratulate the Philippine Navy for the arrival of its latest ship, the BRP Conrado Yap (PS39), which was donated by South Korea to the Philippines. This is a boost to the country’s defense.

This latest addition to the Philippine Navy’s fleet is so far the ship with the strongest firepower with its complement of weapons that give it capabilities to deal with surface, sub surface and air threats.

The corvette is capable of sailing at a speed of up to 32 knots and a range of 4,000 nautical miles and operate at sea for 20 days. As an off-shore patrol vessel for the Philippine Navy, the BRP Conrado Yap will bolster the country’s defense of its territorial integrity and provide presence in its maritime domain.

With the intrusions by foreign military ships into the country’s waters, the Philippine Navy, to accomplish its mandate and duty, must now utilize its ships to assert the country’s sovereignty in waters that belong to it.

Once PS-39 has been equipped with the needed tactical systems, it could be sent to patrol Sibutu Strait in Tawi-Tawi to establish the Navy’s presence in and coverage of the country’s backdoor where not only are there activities by smugglers, pirates and illegal fishing vessels , there are also unauthorized intrusions by a foreign Navy.

As the country’s naval vessel with the most firepower, its deployment in that area will be a strong statement of our desire for others to respect our territorial waters.

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